About Share a Plate

In the Bay Area, there are people who work two jobs and still don’t make enough for 3 meals a day. We feel bad and guilty, yet in our busy lives, we don’t have the time to go out and help these people in need. That’s where Share-A-Plate comes in, we make it possible for anyone to reach out to these people in an efficient manner. Share-A-Plate takes on a pay it forward approach. We are partnering with restaurants to implement a voucher system, one voucher represents one meal. If customers decide to buy vouchers at the restaurant, they place them in a locked box provided by our team. We then collect these vouchers weekly and give them to the local Community Service Agency, they have connections with the local people in need. The CSA gives those vouchers to the people in need to redeem one free meal at the restaurant. If everyone puts in a little effort, we can make a big difference.

Who Benefits?

Everyone benefits from our system; businesses profit, the CSA distributes more food, and those struggling with hunger are able to get the food they need more efficiently.

About Us

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